Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I think his tractor's sexy..

Rex had an opportunity to get a tractor for a weekend so he could get the grating leveled before winter comes. He had fun just haulin' dirt around all day. It was sure cold and rainy on Saturday though. He wasn't quite frozen but pretty close. Just for having it one day, he got a lot done. Great job on the dirt moving skills honey.

my dirt-eatin' daughter

She especially had fun working on the tractor. Here she is struttin' her stuff on the front of the tractor.

canning 101


Since I've had a little bit more time on my hands, I thought it would be nice to start canning. So I went crazy. I canned apricots, salsa, freezer jam, and my last and final were peaches. My aunt was talking to me one day and she told me that she used to can almost anything she could. She went on to say that she would go downstairs in her pantry and just stare at all of the different colors that she had.
I didn't know that something like that would inspire me, but it sure did. So here they are, my pride and joy. I sure underestimated the time and effort it takes to put into canning, but it sure pays off in the end.

Happy 27th birthday Rex.

We celebrated Rex's birthday on September 12. He turned 27. Here's some pics of the big hunk on his special day.

We celebrated Rex's birthday on September 12. He turned 27. Here's some pics of the big hunk on his special day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our humble abode

I have had a lot comments on the lovely deck that we have and that they wanted to see a pic of the front of our house instead. Rex picked the weeds yesterday so I felt like it was good enough for a picture. So here you go. This is our home for a while.


Having Rex home this weekend from work has been so fun. I know Grace especially loved it. She was so excited yesterday that she did not want to take a nap. We tried to; for about a half hour she was in her crib crying. So, we decided to get her out and then she was fine. But at about 7:30 I was fixing dinner and she was next to me drinking her sippy and the next thing I knew she was out like a log on the rug in the kitchen. So here she is taking a nap at 7:30 at night on the kitchen rug. Of course we got her up and had her eat dinner then put her down for the night after that. Sweet dreams Gracie-bell.

Lagoon again!!!

We went to Lagoon again. But, this time Rex came with us. It was so fun. We went to Lagoon-a-beach and then Grace rode some of the kiddy rides. This is Grace and Rex on Puff. It was pretty fun to see them together.
I love going to Lagoon because it makes Grace really tired but this time it made her so tired she didn't want to go on any of the rides(hence the sad face while riding the whale). I don't think she is used to the rides. I know she will; hopefully next year.

Favorite tunes

Grace and her family