Friday, August 22, 2008

It's been a while..

I finally posted. Yeah. Enjoy.
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Wedding Bells on June 21, 2008..

Yes it's true. My sister did find her Prince Charming(a.k.a. Jon Kasper). They tied the knot. They are officially Mr. and Mrs. Kasper. I am so happy for both of them. They make a cute couple. Here are some pics of their happy day.

Moving Day

My wonderful sister in laws came and helped clean the house with me the day before we closed on the house. I had to take a pic of the cousins sitting down eating some ice cream.

Grace 18 month pix

We went up to the cabin in Island Park in June and when we turned off to go in to the cabin there were these fields of daisy looking flowers. They were absolutely beautiful. I had to take Grace's pictures there. So here they are. Well a few of them.

Here is Grace and Rex havin' fun in the kitchen in the main cabin while I'm slaving away making dinner. J/K... I was having fun too.

Happy 4th of July

We went up to Huntsville and had breakfast in the park. The weather was amazing but the park was busy. We stayed and saw the parade. It was fun because they threw out candy. That was Grace's favorite part.

Annual Bear Lake vacation

This has always been my favorite vacation every year. We have done it ever since I was born and have loved it more each year we go. Here are some fun pics of my family and hangin' out.

Grace just loved this Pepsi beach ball. It was windy enough to blow the ball away. She made sure it didn't blow away.

Our home for a month and a half...

We moved into our cabin for about a month and a half while we were looking for a house. It was fun and cozy. It also was nice because Rex's parents were right next door.

Our new house

We're finally in a house. We're in the country....Kind of. We're out in Plain City. It is just west of North Ogden. It is a beautiful home and a gorgeous view. I'm just glad we have a house. It's so nice to have the extra room and more bedrooms for more children in the distant future.
Here is a picture of the back view from the house.

Lagoon Day

I went with Brooke(my sis in law) to Lagoon. Grace finally rode some of the kiddy rides with her cousins Dawson and Raiden. It was a proud mommy moment, that she could do this on her own. She thought it was fun.

First time camping.

Jamie and Porter trying to stay warm by the fire

Well we took Grace camping for the first time. Our friends from the Terrace invited us. We went to Lava Hot Springs. It was very warm in the day, but freezing at night. It was especially cold for Rex though. We had our air mattress in the tent with Grace in the middle of us. She just didn't sleep too well and I think it was because it was so cold. I woke up around six in the morning to find Rex sitting upright. His shirt was soaking. He went on to say that Grace peed on him in the night. She filled up her diaper so much the rest of it went on Rex. I didn't want to laugh, because I didn't want him to feel bad, but it was pretty funny.

And here is the masterpiece.........

After all of the time I put in to decorating this cake, I am sure glad it didn't fall or melt. I realized that decorating a wedding cake is tedious, frustrating, overwhelming, and time-consuming all in one. I'm glad it payed off though. They sure enjoyed it. And I have to be honest, I was pretty proud of how well it turned out. I just don't think I will stay up til' 3 in the morning then have to get up again at 4:30 to finish it. That's just the procrastinator in me.

Cakes and more cakes

I finished my class 2 weeks before Kenzi's wedding. So I felt like I had enought time to practice and prepare even though I was terrified to do my first wedding cake, and the fact that it was my sisters. Here are a couple more cakes that I had to show you.

The first one I am pretty proud of. I didn't decorate it, so I can't take the credit. My talented husband decorated it. It was good timing because it was Mothers Day and we took it to a family party that night to show it off. I loved the gift.

The second one was my first cake I did using fondant. I was pretty surprised that it turned out so well and how easy is easy it was to do. Turns out that same night Kenzi was having a bar-b-que at her house for Jon's Birthday.

Happy Shower Days!!!

We had two showers at my house before we moved. A friend and then a family one. It was sure busy but turned out to be successful. We had to start moving the next day though.

This was the family shower. It was cold outside and ended up getting warmer.
I was glad because we just found out that we sold our house a couple of days before and I didn't want to replace anything if it got broken.

Grace and Isabella were enjoying each others company and eating off of each others plate.

This is the friend shower. Thanks to all of you fellow bloggers who came. It was fun to visit and to catch up with everyone.

Nana gave Grace a glass of water. What do all children do on a hot day(no matter how cute they look in there new outfit)? They dump it on themselves. I know I can't have everything perfect. She still looked cute anyway. Even though she was all wet.

Goodbye House!!!

We finally said goodbye to our first house on June 24. I hope that explains my blog not being updated. It was really hard to say goodbye, but great because we got what we wanted out of it. It was sure a fun house and we had so many wonderful memories in it, and we outgrew it so fast.
I want to post what has happened since April so it might be a big post.

Favorite tunes

Grace and her family