Wednesday, January 28, 2009

5 years...and more happy years to go!

January 23, 2004

Yes it's true! Rex and I have officially been married for 5 years. We have made so many memories and shared so many things together. It has made us grow even closer to each other. 
I can't wait to spend a lot more years with my wonderful husband. I am so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life.

We had such a wonderful day together. We went up to Logan (where we got married) to the temple and did sealings together. After that we went the Anniversary Inn only to find out that the room we booked had a toilet that backed up and did when we were there. So, they let us choose another room that was available. Of course I chose the Biker Roadhouse because it had a pool table in it. It was so much fun; we played pool all night. Here are some pictures of the cool room.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Overload of Posts!

I did it again! I got busy and didn't have time to post. So, here are a whole lot of posts.

Happy Birthday Nana!

Isabella and Grace played dress up.
Jon stole Max's pirate hat.

My mom's birthday is on January 2. We went over to there house and had chinese food. We were going to play games, but we ended up watching the sugar bowl(go utes!). It was too exciting to miss. That was fun too.

Happy New Year!

We sure had a fun time celebrating the new year. We went over to Rex's brothers house. We played a lot of games. The funnest one was the bag game. You just try to pick up the bag with your mouth with one foot on the ground. The part that you touched gets cut off, so the bag gets smaller and smaller and it gets harder and harder to pick it up.
On the other hand, I don't know what got in to Grace, but she somehow got hyper starting at 11:00 at night. She probably was so tired she was wired. I don't think it helped that we gave her some Dr. Peppper at 9:00 either. She fell right asleep as soon as we put her in the car to go home though. It was an exciting night for her.

Santa Came!!!!

We woke up to a fun filled morning. I was so excited to see how Grace would react to what Santa brought her. I don't know why, but she slept in pretty late that morning, and woke up to a messy diaper on top of it. So, after her bath she got to go and see what Santa brought he. It was fun to see Grace so happy. She probably played with her kitchen for at least 2 hours before she opened any more gifts.

Christmas Sunday

Here is Grace in here cute Christmas dress.

Rex posing for a picture outside church. We were in a hurry, because we were late again.

Christmas eve...


The nativity scene. Baby Jesus was not a happy camper.

Father Christmas!!! Can you guess who it is?

Grace just couldn't look at father christmas, Makelle came up with her so she wasn't so scared. He's not that scary.

Grace was excited to be one of the wisemen. Actually, the only wiseman. What a cutie!!

We go over to Rex's parents every Christmas eve. We always have nativity. We eat breakfast, yum, and the kids get to open a gift. It is fun and full of many memories. This year the adults went to a rest home and sang Christmas Carols to the residents there. I got to stay back and watch the kids.
Father Christmas came too. Grace was really scared of him. She did not want to sit on his lap. If she only knew it was her daddy.

Wedding Bells!!!

Jessica and Rob cutting the cake.

One of my good friends from High School got married. I was so happy for her. I offered to make her wedding cake for her. After all, I'm a pro after doing my first wedding cake for my sisters wedding. :)
It was my first tiered wedding cake, and turned out to be a lot easier than my sisters. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. I'm just grateful Rex didn't bite my head off while we were transporting the cake. I don't think I have ever felt that many bumps on the road. Maybe it was because I was trying to balance a wedding cake on my lap.
Anyway, here is my masterpiece. It turned out better than I thought. And, I'm glad they liked it.

Cousins, and more cousins...

The cute little family. I wasn't as stressed in that picture.
It snowed the day before, so Rex, as willing as he was jumped on his 4-wheeler and plowed almost the whole neighborhood. Grace just had to come along for the ride.

When I was younger, we would have a family Christmas party(my mom's side of the family). All of us were very close growing up. When we all got to be married and at teenage years, we had a "cousin party" and left the old folks home. We always had fun, ate food and just talked.
So after a lot of years not having a cousin party, we finally had one this year. And, I was the host. It was exciting. I got to have all my family come over to my house. We had so much fun. Of course not everyone could make it because everyone is so spread out now, but it was sure nice to catch up on everyone's lives.

Favorite tunes

Grace and her family