Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Goodbye diapers...Hello Big Girl!!!

I had to get a picture of the momentous occasion. I started potty training Grace yesterday. I am proud to say that she has gone 24 hours without an accident. She has done so well and I am so proud of my Gracie-bell. One of my clients at work told me about an eBook, 3daypottytraining.com. I have to say it works wonders. She tells me when she needs to go potty. More importantly she's excited to wear princess panties. I'm just excited not to have to buy diapers anymore, well at least until we have another one.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pinching your pennies?

So I just went to probably the coolest thing last night and am so excited to share it with my fellow bloggers. It was so interesting and very educational. It's a class that the Standard Examiner has twice a month. A lady from pinchingyourpennies.com comes to tell us about "couponing." I know it sounds like a hobby. In some ways it actually is. 
The lady that taught the class last night says she has 5 children and only spends $300 a month on groceries. That sounds so unrealistic to me, but she does it and it works for her. You basically get the coupons from the newspaper every sunday and cut them out and wait for the item to go on sale. There is a lot more to it; she explains it all when you go to the class. 
So I'm so excited about it, more importantly about saving money. I recommend going to the class. It is worth it! It sure has got me pumped to try it. 

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