Friday, May 14, 2010

Last night my dad and mom came over. I told him that I was going to run a half marathon on Saturday. To much surprise, he told me that I was going to hurt myself and that I wasn't ready(he's so positive). I questioned the reasoning behind why he said that to me; I thought about it a lot. So, this is the answer that I came up with.

Here it is:

Ode to a half marathon:

Even though I signed up for you three times in a row and chickened out three times in a row,

I did it!

Even though I knew it would be hard to conquer this difficult task in my life, and you kept on telling me I couldn't.

I did it!

Even when I ran just one mile outside and couldn't run any more or else all of my insides would end up on the pavement(and they did).

I did it!

Even when I pulled my hamstring, and thought I couldn't participate in the half marathon because it hurt so bad to run.

I did it!

Even when I was exhausted from a hard days work and the last thing on my mind was to run, but knew I had to.

I did it!

All of those early mornings, running, puking, and sweating.

I did it!

To those many tears of pain, agony, hurt, and even happiness.

I did it!

Here's to you half marathon.


My dad always taught me to love always reach for higher goals...and never forget where I came from.

Even when I was going through a hard time in my life, my dad took me aside and told me what his mother used to tell him. "Where's your faith?"

So, here I am less than a day away from a very big day in my life and I know that I can do it, I know that I will do it, and I know that whatever the outcome, I am proud of myself for coming this far.

I look forward to the future and what it holds. Hopefully many more half marathons and maybe even a full marathon, eventually.

Honestly, Dad, your were the person that has inspired me to set such a high goal and reach it. You were the one that taught me to have the courage to be able to run this half marathon.

And, you were the one that always told me to never give up.

So next time, when you wonder why I am doing such "horrific" thing and am worried that I might hurt myself; just remember, you were the one that taught the important steps on how to build a strong foundation.

In the words of your mother, "Where's your faith, Bobby."

Thanks, dad for all you do for me and all that you have taught me.

I love you forever!



Mrs B said...

Mer- I love this. Last year when I told my dad I was doing the 1/2 he pretty much told me the same thing. He kept saying maybe I should do it in a relay etc. Needless to say, we've done it & we should do it again, together! Congrats again, btw!

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PaintPotato said...

Parents are always right! Cherish your time together with them!

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